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We believe that a dialog is the future of brand communication. Our passion is to build the tools that allow brands to use conversations at scale.
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A world-class conversational commerce platform

Conversations can take place in any medium that allows for interactive dialog. Our vision is to enable brands to use conversations to sell more of their products, independent of where the conversations take place. Creating a seamless experience for both the brands’ and their customers. 



The benefits of using our platform

Made in Sweden 🇸🇪

Most would say that sparking a conversation with a stranger in Sweden is nearly impossible. A nation well known for not being good at engaging in small talk. Forged in these harsh social conditions our team of experts has created a smorgasbord of conversational tools to break the ice. Scientifically validated and proven to make even the most introverted customers go from this 🥶 to this 🥰, when engaging with brands.

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