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Homeroom built a conversational gift-finder as a Messenger Ad on Facebook and Instagram. Helping their customers find gifts for loved ones based on what they like while providing a fun experience when shopping for Christmas gifts.

The case in numbers

Creating Brand Awareness by providing an excellent user experience.

Homeroom is of Ellos Groups’ newest brands on the market. Their brand vision is to create the market's largest range of home furnishings while making it fun and easy for their customers to find what they are looking for. By using Dialogtrail to create a conversational experience enabled Homeroom to bring these values into their marketing. Making the first impression to new customers that were in line with their brand promise.

  • Creating positive brand associations
  • Helping customers find what they are looking for
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"With Dialogtrail, we were able to easily make Messenger an effective marketing channel. In the tool, it is easy to build conversations and follow how the channel performs"

Martina Enebrand



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All conversational marketing activities in one platform

Our platform connects all conversational marketing resources into a single interface. Enabling easy creation of conversations, follow-ups, and Facebook ads. Providing a complete overview of your conversational marketing funnel by combining both ads- and conversational data. Visualizing the first impression to the last interaction with the audience. 

  • Visual conversation builder
  • Publish conversational Ads directly from the platform
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