Reach 2.4 billion people on Messenger

Boost the reach of your guides beyond your website by launching them on social media. Guides are the perfect content for your retargeting Ads, as they can help an indecisive customer understand their need.
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Create meaningful customer interactions.

The world of marketing has changed, todays brands can't expect to simply show up to be heard. Messaging provide brands with a direct line of communication to their target audience. Allowing relationships on an individual level to be built.

  • Highly engaging format
  • A one-to-one channel with the customer

Why brands choose Dialogtrail for their marketing



Launch and analyze directly in the platform

Our platform connects to your Messenger and Facebook Ads Manager. Allowing you to scale and market your guides reach beyond your website. Providing a complete overview of your guides performance by combining both ads- and messaging data, that register everything from the first impression to the last interaction. 

  • Facebook Business Manager integration

Use cases

Key features:

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