Qualify more leads using guidance

Ask your customers about their needs and adapt your follow-up questions to your customers in real-time. Making your form questions highly relevant to your customer.
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Make a great first impression!

Use real-time consumer engagement to make your first contact personal. Enabling you to make a highly contextual response that addresses the customers needs and the possible solutions.

E.g. determine if a potential customer qualify for your sales team or if they should get product recommendations for a direct online conversion.

Why brands use Dialogtrail for collecting leads


Tailor your lead forms

Easily design and publish automated lead forms on your website. Our visual flow builder allows you to tie together questions and responses intuitively and visually.

Use a broad variety of chat elements to make the conversation into an engaging and entertaining experience. Use formats such as image galleries, gifs, videos, etc. to make your forms stand out.

  • Trigger on website events
  • Use a broad variety of chat elements

Easy-to-use drag and drop makes building conversations an enjoyable experience! ✌️

Use cases

Key features:

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