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Finding the perfect product is hard work. That’s why we’ve created a product-finder use data to help shoppers 24/7.
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No more expensive web design projects

Launching a smart product finder is a complex task. Having a product finder as a service changes this radically by, shorting the time-to-launch, reducing development and maintenance costs, while ensuring over-time performance with continuous free software updates.

10x Faster to launch
10x Cheaper vs. developing
10x Easier to maintain
10x Over-time performance

This is a real example with products - try it out!

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Why brands love our product finders



AI-powered product recommendations

Present the best matching products in your inventory by simply asking your customers a few questions. The questions are automatically adjusted in real-time against your product feed data. Ensuring that every customer gets the best product recommendation available.

  • Automatically removes non-matching options
  • Recommend the products you want to sell more of

Translate your product data into themes

Utilize your existing product data to create themes that the customer can easily understand. Using the Dialogtrail feed manager you can simply upload a product feed and start mapping your data.

  • Easy product feed management
  • Add custom importance weights to each data point

Use cases

Key features:

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