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Finding the perfect product for someone is hard work. That’s why we’ve created a platform that enables brands to help shoppers in their purchase decisions 24/7.
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Finding the right product should be easy

Our conversational product finder brings a new level of convenience and ease in finding a product. Lowering the knowledge barriers for potential customers during shopping. Boosting your conversation and customer satisfaction by making the shopping experience simple and enjoyable.

  • Reducing the knowledge barriers for new buyers
  • Boosting customer satisfaction

Why brands love our product finders



A intuitive way for customers to filter products

The product-finder asks shoppers questions and matches the results to your product data to present the right products. It dynamically adjusts the questions and results in real-time for the customer, ensuring every customer gets the best product recommendation.

  • Dynamic question-based filtering
  • Highlight the products you want to sell more of

Unlock shopper insights

Get detailed insights into what types of products your visitors are looking for. Our platforms reporting tool provides an easy-to-understand overview of your shoppers’ combined needs and preferences. Allowing you better understand and segment your audience as well as identifying unserved needs for new product development.

  • Visual reports
  • Identify unserved segments

Use cases

Key features:

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