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Recommendation AI

Sell more with real-time personalization

Make decisions easier for your customers by narrowing down and highlighting a product selection. Furthermore, you can increase sales of specific items by programming the AI to promote them in the recommendations.

  • Improve the comparability
  • Reduce choice paralysis
  • Increase sales
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Visual editor

Build a guide with ease

Our no-code guide builder lets you easily tailor your guided selling experience to fit your brand. Add smart rules to your guide to trigger questions based on previous choices.


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Product data

Simply upload your product feed to get started

Once uploaded and connected, product feeds enable guides built in Dialogtrail to automatically update, whenever you add or remove products from your inventory.

  • No manual work updating products.
  • Increased relevance for your customers.
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"Bundle" /ˈbʌnd(ə)l/

A collection of items that fit well together

For us this means a set personalized of recommendations that all fit the customers needs. All you need to do is define the bundle components for them to individually generate for each customer.

  • Personalized bundles
  • Increased order value



Show your guides where and how you want

Easily embed your Dialogtrail guide into your sales funnel. We offer various placement options; so that you can provide your customers guidance at exactly the right moment to maximize purchase intent.

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Optimize for performance

Measure the impact your guides are having on your business with detailed funnels and conversion tracking. Identify any potential bottlenecks in your guide where your customers may struggle and collect their feedback.

  • Detailed funnel analytics
  • Automatic event tracking
  • Qualitative customer feedback

Data collection

Get to know your leads better than ever before

A guide tells you a lot about your customers' preferences. Enabling you to tailor your marketing or sales communication to their specific needs.

  • Customer profiles
  • Consent management tools

Collaboration tools

Working as a team?

We got you covered, Dialogtrail offers you all the features you need efficiently involve multiple collaborators in your project.

  • Multiple language versions
  • Co-editing support

Types of product-finders

Common guide builds

Get started with guided selling today!

Building and launching a product-finder on your website with Dialogtrail is a walk in the park.

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