“I couldn’t find the right product”

... Is the reported reason for 54% of all online purchase abandonments. Dialogtrail takes care of this issue by providing customers with guidance.
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This is Dialogtrail

The platform for guided selling

An easy-to-use platform for creating interactive product guides throughout the sales funnel. Increasing both sales and customer satisfaction for our clients.


Customers are more loyal to brands they trust

Traditionally brands have been relying on sales representatives to gain the trust of customers by offering their expertise. We offer brands the possibility to do the same online.

Built for performance

We won't slow you down!

Our scripts are lightweight and continuously optimized to the latest performance standards. As digital marketers ourselves we know the importance of fast load speed, both for your customer experience and SEO ranking. 



Data protection

We keep your data secure

Dialogtrail is privacy compliant solution. We understand the importance for our clients to keep their data securely stored. Therefore, we take all the required measures to keep your data safe on highly secure servers. 

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Customer success

Your success is our goal

When signing up you will get assistance from our experts to help you get the most out Dialogtrail. Our number one priority is making sure our clients are successful in guiding their customers.

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Building and launching a product-finder on your website with Dialogtrail is a walk in the park.

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