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The conversational platform for AI guided sales.
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Power up your online sales

Guide your customers with personalized advice

The Benefits

Increase revenue and profits

Dialogtrail's product finder solution offers your customers expert guidance on demand at any time. Making it easy for your customers to find the right products and accessories.

  • More orders
  • Larger orders
  • Reduced returns
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Why your customers will love it

"With Dialogtrail we simply ask our customers about their needs and instantly present the best matching products for them. That’s personalization for real!"

- Troels Poppe,

eCommerce Manager of the year 2021 (Sweden)

Plug & Play

Easy to integrate with any platform

Get started with Dialogtrail in minutes, with our no-code setup thats compatible with all CMS or Shop systems available on the market.

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Building and launching a product-finder on your website with Dialogtrail is a walk in the park.

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