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What do we do?

Dialogtrail is a platfom for creating intuitive conversational shopping experiences.

Design, create and scale shopping experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations. 


Why leading brands choose Dialogtrail

Reduce bounce

Make your visitors 40% more likely to stay by engaging them in a conversation when they visit your website.

Increase conversions

Provide a personalized shopping experience that makes customers 80% more likely to find and buy a product.

Boost profits

Highlight the products you want to sell more of in your recommendations to boost sales up to 204%.


Conversations as a seamless part of your shopping UX

Chat is great for facilitating interaction from the user by presenting a scenario that is intuitive to respond to. With Dialogtrail you can integrate several conversational widgets that put your customers' needs in the center of attention tailored to where they are in their buying process.

  • Lower the barriers for interaction
  • Design and integrate throughout your funnel
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Your customers love to chat!

The growth of smartphones has made chat explode in popularity over the past decade. With consumers chatting daily, the format has become ideal for creating a user-friendly and intuitive shopping experience.

  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Familiar interface to the users
  • Most popular form of communicaiton

Use cases:

Multiple conversations for multiple goals

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